The technology behind the Duke HotColdFreeze™ provides both versatility and flexibility for your operation by allowing you to operate any well in Hot, Cold, or Freeze modes. Mix and match modes for ultimate menu flexibility. The DHCF is equipped to operate in hot dry, hot wet, cold dry, cold wet or freeze modes, both hot and cold modes are equipped with 10 presets that allow you to set your frequently used temperatures at the tap of a button.

Equipped with digital screens, the DHCF controls are simple, intuitive and easy to use. Duke’s dry heat option keeps foods hot while saving time associated with filling and draining multiple wells with water. Typically seen in hot-well designs, the Duke HotColdFreeze’s design features a flush mount for all wells, bringing food theater closer to the customer while not compromising the integrity of the food. The flush mount makes access easy for customers to reach, and quick for staff to refill and clean. It looks good, it’s easy to clean and it displays the food in the best possible way.

The Duke HotColdFreeze™ is available in 1 – 4 well configurations and can be ordered in a new serving system or replace a current well configuration in your existing serving system.

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