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New Products

Introducting Eastern Pop-Up Pods

Once again Eastern Tabletop is here to keep outdoor dining afloat with the most creative approach.
Introducing ” Pop-up Pods” that will keep your guests covered and warm as cooler weather approaches. Pop-up Pods are the latest outdoor dining trend and are a guaranteed ROI. Minimal Investment and minimal set up time will pay off […]

New Duke Hot-Cold-Freeze™


The technology behind the Duke HotColdFreeze™ provides both versatility and flexibility for your operation by allowing you to operate any well in Hot, Cold, or Freeze modes. Mix and match modes for ultimate menu flexibility. The DHCF is equipped to operate in hot dry, hot wet, cold dry, cold wet or freeze modes, both hot and […]

Low Water Energy (LWE) Steamer

The best of both worlds-Vulcan’s LWE offers the performance of a steam generator with 90% less water and 50% less energy of a connectionless steamer. By controlling excess steam production, water and electric usage is drastically reduced. It’s the first Energy Star qualified a la carte, countertop, generator-based convection steamer.

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The Vulcan Combi


Vulcan’s ABC7 takes the guesswork out of combi cooking with intuitive controls driven by a cooking algorithm that automatically selects humidity level based on operator temperature selection. The ABC7 delivers combi performance and combi results with no confusing modes, elaborate programming or extensive training.

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Vulcan Rapid Recovery Griddle

The new Vulcan Rapid Recovery Griddle offers quick service restaurant operators a cooking solution that delivers energy efficiency and a 27.5% increase in production capacity over griddles manufactured with standard steel griddle plates.

The Vulcan RRG’s proprietary composite griddle plate offers the fastest heat transfer characteristics and uniform temperature control which means greater productivity in […]

Vulcan Fryers With Kleenscreen Plus Oil

100 – 300% longer oil life. Vulcan GR gas series fryers set the standard for productivity, ease of use and time saving convenience. The Kleenscreen Plus Filtration system saves and extends oil life.

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VACB Charbroiler

The VACB series of high performance charbroilers deliver the most uniform heat distribution pattern of any charbroiler on the market. The unique construction of this charbroiler delivers the greatest available cooking area in the 550F-700F “sweet spot” for your restaurant. Improve your bottom line by increasing cooking throughput, unit performance and reducing the costs […]